Story of Us


Who We Are

Designed to empower , from eclectic pieces to effortless shapes , Shegul captures the essence of individuality for both the style-conscious and the free-spirited  

Our collections are carefully considered and curated to deliver an unexpected fusion of cultures and styles in silhouettes that transcend time and place,each collection is an adventure within itself 


Brand Story

Shegul was founded in 2014 by Aysegul Ilter, who had been hearing complaints for far too long from her curvier friends that there were no stylish designs in quality fabrics above certain sizes. Aysegul dreams of making women feel good and look beautiful no matter what the number on the sizing label states, she believes size is just a number and does not define who Shegul women are.

Aysegul has worked with some of the world's most extraordinary talents in Luxury Fashion Industry andShe has combined her experience in luxury fashion to create versatile and timeless staples for the distinctive, modern woman.

The line emphasizes longevity through superior construction techniques and exceptional fit.


What We Believe

In the world of Shegul, our passion is to make a curvy woman look modern, sophisticated, elegant and stylish. Shegul has been dedicated to empower women to not only feel confident about their looks, but also feel self-assured within.

Shegul motivates  women to pursue their own fashion statements relentlessly and to have their voice heard in the fashion community. By providing high quality designs in the latest styles to our customers, we commit fully and persistently to the Shegul women who have exquisite taste, who appreciate the finer things in life.


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